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Modification of Polyurethane Resin and Anti Graffiti Additives

Wyncoat® reactive silicone additives are organic modified polydimethyl-siloxane terminated with carbinol. In a variety of polyurethane systems, hydroxylmethyl can be cross-linked with NCO, so that introduction of silicone into resin system can provide anti-graffiti and easy-cleaning properties.

1 ) Polyether type:
Product Code Functional Group Molecular Weight Performances
SL-4111 polyether terminated 2000 Reactivity and compatibility
SL-4160 2400 Reactivity, release and compatibility
SL-4162 2800 Reactivity and release
SL-5019 6000 Release and slip
SL-7130 Secondary hydroxyl 6000 Polyurethane resin flexibility, lubrication and hydrophobic properties

2 ) Hydroxylalkyl type:
High purity polydimethylsiloxane with carbinol as the end group functional group. It can replace part of polyols to participate in the copolymerization reaction, so that the silicone component is introduced into the resin system, which provides a smooth feeling and anti graffiti properties for polyurethane coatings.

Product Code Functional Group Performances
SL-7510 hydroxylalkyl terminated Copolymerization with polyurethane resin to enhance softness and toughness
SL-7520 Enhance the water repellency, flexibility, abrasion resistant and smoothness of resin
SL-7530 hydroxylalkyl terminated Smooth, abrasion-resistant, anti graffiti.
SL-7540 anti-marker, anti-graffiti effect for the manufacture of coating

3 ) Single ended carbinol
Used as a chain terminator and polymer modifier to incorporate a silicone moiety into the polymer structure

Single ended dicarbinol silicone - due to its unique difunctional reactivity, it has the main OH group cured by condensation with isocyanate, epoxy resin, or other resins, providing durability and antifouling property for resins

Product Code Chemical Component Molecular Weight viscosity
Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH/g)
SL-4710 Single ended monohydroxy 324 8-10 175
SL-4720 Single ended dihydroxy 396 90-110 280

4 )Double ended tetrahydroxy SL-474X series
Can be integrated in the polymer network by reacting with suitable binders; increases the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties which can significantly improve the water- and oil-repelling behavior  

Product Code Molecular Weight Viscosity
SL-4746 ~6000 300
SL-4748 ~8000 370
SL-4749 ~9000 430