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Silicone Fluoro

Silicone Fluorinated or Fluorosilicone offers good solvent resistance, lubricity and slip. The ratio of fluorine and silicone can be varied to suit the customer’s needs. Their applications include:

Solvent antifoaming in the chemical and petroleum industries. 
Reclaiming of used chlorinated solvents after dry cleaning, solvent degreasing or solvent extraction operations. 
Suitable for foam control in solvent systems where conventional polydimethylsiloxane fluids are soluble and promote foam. 
Oil and gas separation.

They have unique features as follows:

Efficient and persistent antifoam 
Insoluble in chlorinated solvents 
Resistant to chemicals and oxidation 
Low surface tension 

Catalog Product name See details
Flurosilicone FF-100 flurosilicone fluid with 100% active component
FF-130 flurosilicone fluid with 100% active component