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Surface coating additive-solvent system additives

Product Code Chemical Composition Function and Application Recommended Addition
SE-7109 silicone dispersion excellent slip,good compatibility with polar solvent、weak solvent system 1-4%
SL-5019 modified silicone dry slip,figerprint resistance 1-3%
SE-5252 super macromolecule silicone emulsion anti-scratch and wear resistance,use in both water-borne and oil system 0.5-3%
SE-4218 modified silicone soft and smooth hand feeling,special modified eliminate floating oil 1-5%
SE-5220 Silicone wax emulsion anti-sticking 0.5-3%
4101 Silicone micropowder dry slip hand feeling,anti-sticking,water repellent and wear resistance 1-5%
4102  Silicone elastomer micropowder velvet handle feeling,improve wear resistance 1-5%