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Polyurethane Foam

Hangzhou Topwin is specialized in producing all kinds of organic silicone surfactants (silicone stabilizer/silicone polyether surfactant) for polyurethane foam.
Our silicone surfactant/silicone stabilizer (polyether modified silicone, polyether modified polysiloxane, silicone polyether copolymer) is widely used in flexible foam, rigid foam, high resilience foam, HR molded foam, PU sole shoe covering various application in mattress, pillow, automobile, appliances insulation, panels, spray foam, pipe insulation, one component foam, wood imitation, with various blown/ blowing system, such as pentane, HCFC-141B (hydrocarbon), H2O, low Fluorine, etc. 
If you want to know silicone surfactant MSDS, silicone surfactant HS code, role of silicone surfactant in polyurethane foam, silicone surfactant uses, silicone surfactant applications, silicone surfactant structure, or any information about silicone surfactants in flexible polyurethane foam or rigid polyurethane foam, please don't hesitant to contact with us.