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Crosslinker, Catalyst and Additive for Release Coating

Items Grades Viscosity
Release Force Substrate Key features
  SiemtcoatTM  8008 120 Easy Paper Fast cure, general product
SiemtcoatTM  8983 30 Easy Paper/Film Normal cure speed, good anchorage
SiemtcoatTM  8982 40 Easy Paper/Film General product,good balance of cure speed and anchorage
SiemtcoatTM  8988 60 Easy Paper/Film Fast cure
SiemtcoatTM  8158 20 Easy Film Excellent anchorage
  SiemtcoatTM  5000 50 - Paper/Film High platinum content
SiemtcoatTM  5000N 350 - Paper/Film High platinum content
Control Release Additive
  SiemtcoatTM  LRA-2 300 Premium Paper/Film Low release  additive
SiemtcoatTM  HRA-10F 350 Tight Paper/Film High release additive
Anchorage Additive
  SiemtcoatTM  5106 5 - Paper/Film Improve anchorage effectively
SiemtcoatTM  5107 40 - Paper/Film Improve anchorage effectively

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