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Surface coating additive-aqueous system

Aqueous system addtive-wetting agent and defoamer

Silicone wetting agent in aqueous leather coating can improve flowability,leveling and glossiness.SL-3248 is used as levelling and wetting in aqueous polyurethane、PVC coating,help water-borne coating wet different substrates surface,prevent surface defects such as shrinkage.Add few additives can obviously reduce surface tension ,improve leveling properties, recoat is available.

Classification Product Code Chemical Composition Function and Application Recommended Addition
wetting agent SL-3248 polyether silicone super wetting 0.5-3%
SL-3254 polyether silicone hydrolysis resistance wetting 0.5-3%
SL-3257 polyether silicone low foam wetting 0.5-3%
Classification product code chemical composition function and application Recommended addition
defoamer SD-3165 silicone emulsion defoam and compatibility 0.1-1%

Aqueous system addtive-hand feeling
Improve hand feeling of leather is one of the main application, different structural additives have different hand feeling.Our additives by molecule design can provide:
• improve smoothness,anti-scratch, anti-sticking
•improve hydrophobicity ,glossiness

Classification Product Code Chemical Composition Function and Application Recommended Addition
hand feeling SE-4051 silicone emulsion slip hand feeling, used in coating and finishing coating 0.5-3%
SE-4251 macromolecule  silicone emulsion very soft like baby'skin,smooth ,anti-scratach 0.5-3%
SE-5252 macromolecule  silicone emulsion enhance wear resistance,good compatibility 0.5-3%
SE-5033 anion silicone emulsion dry slip hand feeling 0.5-5%
SE-7034 silicone mixture dry slip hand feeling,mat-finish 消光 0.5-3%
SE-3002 silicone emulsion skin hand feeling 0.5-5%
SE-5212 silicone elastomer emulsion Velvet handle feeling 1-5%
anti-sticking SE-5223 special modified silicone anti-sticking,good compatibility 1-5%
water resistance SE-5001 special macromolecule waterproof level can reach more than 3 level 3-10%