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Dry-process additive

Using WynCoat® leveling agents in dry-process can wet the release paper, so the surface pattern on release paper can be transfered to coated surface completely,leather products obtain the perfect embossed pattern, reduce the surface energy of coating and the adhesion between coated surface and release paper,increase the times of using release paper.

Classification Product Code Chemical Composition Function and Application
Leveling and Water Resistance SL-4118 modified silicone leveling, release
SL-3358 modified silicone leveling, waterproof point,clear pattern
SL-4111 special modified silicone leveling, release
SL-4965 special modified silicone leveling ,waterproof point,clear pattern
SL-3410 modified silicone water-borne dry-process leveling
Classification Product chemical composition function and application
Hand Feeling, Anti-stick,
Wear Resistance
SE-7109 silicone dispersion good slip function
SL-5019 modified silicone dry slip
SE-5220 silicon wax emulsion anti-sticking and improve hydrolysis resistance
SE-5252 high macromolecule silicone emulsion anti-scratch and wear resistnce
SE-3300 super high macromolecule silicone emulsion improve wear resistance
SE-4251 high macromolecule silicone emulsion smooth ,anti-scratach,wear resistance
deformer SD-3020 modified silicone defoaming,good compatibility with system
SD-3165 silicone emulsion defoaming,compatibility