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Silicone Deaerators and Defoamers

Deaerators prevent the formation of air inclusions and pinholes in waterborne, solventborne and radiation-curing coatings. This is particularly important in highviscosity or high solids formulations and essential forairless/air mix application in high film thickness.

Defoamers prevent foam formation during production and application of waterborne coatings and printing inks. Preexisting foam is destroyed and air inclusions are prevented.

Product Code Content System Active Ingredients Add Stage Suggestions
SD-3020 100% S/UV Polysiloxane with hydrophobic particles Grinding and mixing
SD-3120 100% W Polyether defoamer Grinding and mixing
SD-3150 25% W Emulsion Paint mixing stage
SD-3165 50% W Emulsion Paint mixing stage
SD-100F 1% S Special modified silicone solution Paint mixing stage