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Silicone Carbinol

Silicone carbinol is primary hydroxyl-functional polydimethyl siloxane with carbinol terminated. The reactive silicone consists of both multifunctional and linear-difunctional silicone pre-polymers with reactive terminal end groups. As urethane modifier silicone carbinols can improve softness, flexibility, lubricity, breathability, compatibility, abrasion resistance and water repellency of synthetic leather.  Topwin’s silicone carbinols have those features as follows:

Reactive with isocyanate to give silicone/PU copolymer. 
Increase release properties
Good lubricity
Provides abrasion and scratch resistance
Provides water repellency
Softening and flexibility
Good water vapor permeability

Catalog Product name See details
Resin modifier/ Anti-Graffiti Additive SL-7510 Copolymerization with polyurethane resin to enhance softness and toughness
SL-7520 Enhance the water repellency, flexibility, abrasion resistant and smoothness of Resin by reaction with NCO
SL-7530 Smooth, abrasion-resistant, anti graffiti.
SL-7540 Anti-marker, anti-graffiti effect for the manufacture of coating
SL-7130 Polyurethane resin flexibility, lubrication and hydrophobic properties
SL-4710 Low molecular weight carbinol functional pre-polymer.,A chain terminator and polymer modifier to incorporate a silicone moiety into the polymer structure.
SL-4720 OH groups for reaction with isocyanate,epoxy,silane or other condensation cured polymers and films.This provides durable properties to a cured system.
SL-474X A special modified organo silicon copolymer for a queous
coating systems to improve the easy-to-clean effect.