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Rigid Foam

Product Code Application Blown System Product Description
Appliances Insulation Discontinuous Panel Continuous Panel Spray Foam Pipe Insulation One Component Foam Wood Imitation Pentane HCFC-141b H2O/Less Fluorine
XH-1193         Recommend to formulate into FR foam and also recommend to footware system
XH-1790           Suitable for water-blown  low density spray open cells and package,filling foam
XH-1544         Provide excellent compressive strength and dimensional stablity in HCFC-141b system and Hydrocrbon system and have good flowablity.
XH-1550         The surfactant for HCFC-141b system to provide dimensional stablity and good flowablity
XH-1685             Fine closed cell structure and low K factor,foam has good size and stability
XH-1686           Provide fine cell structure in HCFC-141b and pentane system and also have good K factor
XH-1690       General purpose and provide good stablity in HCFC-141b, pentane and water blowing system.
XH-1698             Very fine cell structure and excellent emulsification for pentane system. Especially suitable for appliances and panel and have low K factor.
XH-1780             General purpose with cost effective
XH-1830                 General purpose with fine cell structure for OCF
XH-1880                   Suitable for OCF system in  high humidity and high temperature circumstances and provide fine cell structure, good cell opening and dimentional stablity
XH-1847         Low surface,can reduce bubble of surface,improve flowability, suitable for PIR continuous and discontinuous panel
XH-1920                 Suitable for wood imitation and structural foam