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Silicone For Continuous Panel

Products Mode: XH-1544

Provide excellent compressive strength and dimensional stablity in HCFC-141b system and Hydrocrbon system and have good flowablity.

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Product Description:
WynPUF® XH-1544 is a non-hydrolyzable silicone surfactant which may be an excellent candidate for use in difficult-to stabilize rigid foam formulations.

XH-1544 may be an effective stabilizer for rigid foam formulations incorporating reduced levels of auxiliary blowing agent, for example, high-water/reduced-CFC systems. The foams contained a narrow distribution of small, fine, closed cells that contribute to excellent k-factor performance. It may also be suitable for HCFC-141b systems with excellent dimensional stability and compressive strength. 

Physical data:
Appearance:clear-straw liquid
Active content:100%
Viscosity at 25℃:400-800 CS

  • Effective for stabilization of high water/reduced-HCFC rigid foam formulations
  • Provides excellent compressive strength and dimensional stability in reduced-HCFC systems
  • Imparts chemical stability and compatibility in slow reacting rigid foam systems
  • Maximizes HCFC retention by preventing cell coalescence
  • Produces fine, uniform cell structures with a high degree of closed cells

Levels of Use (additive as supplied):
1.5% is recommended for preparing polyurethane rigid foam. Use levels for this type of foam can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 parts per 100 parts polyol.

Package and storage stability:
Available in 200kg drums.
24 months in closed containers.

Product Safety:
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