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Silicone Alkylated

Alkylated silicones are based on alkyl pendant groups ranging from C2 to C32. The ratio of silicone to alkyls and the chain length of the alkyls determine the melting point and liquidity of the final product. These products can range from liquids to soft pastes to hard waxes. They are excellent lubricants in textile, metal processing and automotive applications. They impart water and solvent repellency to textiles, and flow, leveling, slip and mar resistance to inks and coatings. They also provide gloss, emollience and softness in personal care applications. The alkylated silicones are represented by both alkyl and alkyl aryl silicones.

Top Win offers a unique class of Silicone alkylated that contains both a liquid and a solid alkyl groups on the same molecule. These are referred to as Multi Domain Silwaxes.