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Flexible Foam

Product Code Foam Type Potency Processing Latitude Density Range Characteristics
XH-2591 Conventional
Flexible Foam
Very High Narrow low to 15kg/m3 density Suitable for super low density foam, even low to 6kg/m3 with reasonable formulations.
XH-2580 Medium to High Wide 10-50kg/m3 General purpose with very regular cell structure.
XH-2581 Medium to High wider 12-40kg/m3 General purpose with good breathability and hand feeling
XH-2618 Medium wider 20-60kg/m3 Medium potency silicone, wide processing latitude and fine cell structure
XH-2595 Medium to High wider 10-50kg/m3 Regular foam structure,reduce thickness of surface and average density distribution
XH-2880 Medium to High wider 15-40kg/m3 Good viscoelastic,wider T9 and processing latitude,suitable for systems with high fillings
XH-2902 Viscoelastic Foam Low Very wider 40-80kg/m3 Low potency silicone, suitable for high density foam and also can be used for viscoelastic foam
XH-2950 Flame Retardant Foam Medium Wider 20-40kg/m3 Surfactant to help flame retardancy, low fogging and low VOC, and help foam to meet the standard of BS5852 crib5.

The table below can give us a more intuitive understanding of Top Win’s products
Suitable density range (kg/m3 )