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Paper and Film

Topwin is specialized in manufacturing silicone-based functional products and a professional technical service provider.The company gains competitive advantages from its founders who are sophisticated industrial players in both upstream and downstream supply chain. our products are mainly used in leather and textile, polyurethane foam, agriculture ,coating and ink, paper release coating, personal care  and etc.

Topwin has various kinds of Siemtcoat® products including three categories: solvent based silicone release coating, solventless silicone release coating and emulsion silicone release coating. And these release coating systems consist of four basic components: base polymer, crosslinker,catalyst and different additives. These components can be combined in a variety of ways to offer customized solutions that meet your needs.

Topwin's Siemtcoat® products are widely used in diversified applications including: label stock,  envelopes, diversified tapes, bakery paper and foodstuff package,commercial graphics and security signage, hygienic application such as diapers sanitary napkins, industry application for roof coverings, pipe and thermal insulation, medical application for electrodes, tear-open bags, surgical covers etc.