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Textile coating additive

WynCoat® textile coating additives including leveling agent,anti-adhesive,hand feeling ,different properties additives.According to different substrates、different coating processes and final application properties,can adjust application formulation to achieve the comfort and other product properties.Except solvent silicone product, we also develop the products use in water-borne textile coating and silicone rubber coating.

Product Code Chemical Composition Function and Application Recommended Addition
SL-791 solvent PA slip agent 1-3%
SL-7109 solvent PU slip hand feeling,good compatibility with various kinds of solvent system 1-4%
SE-5220 solvent PA/PU anti-sticking 1-3%
SL-4600 solvent PA/PU slip,wear resistance,tear resistance 1-3%
SE-5031 water-borne dry slip hand feeling 1-5%
SE-4051 slip hand feeling 1-5%
SE-5078 skin feeling additive 1-5%
SE-5223 anti-sticking,soft coating hydrophilic additives 1-5%
SL-3211 wetting spray,strong anti-shrinkage 0.5-3%
SE-4251 solvent/water-borne slip , anti-scrape and wear resistance 0.5-3%