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Base polymer

SiemtcoatTM TM Silicone Release Coating

Topwin is specialized in manufacturing silicone-based functional products, Silicone release coating systems consist of base polymer, crosslinker, catalyst and different additives. widely used in label stock,  envelopes, diversified tapes, bakery paper and foodstuff package,commercial graphics and security signage, hygienic application such as diapers sanitary napkins, industry application for roof coverings, pipe and thermal insulation, medical application for electrodes, tear-open bags, surgical covers etc.

Product Grades Solids Content

Substrate Release Force
Key Features
Thermal Cure, Solvent Base   
SiemtcoatTM SC 5510 30 7000 Paper 5-15 Three components,premium release force
SiemtcoatTM SC 5531 30 13000 Paper 5-20 Three components,low release force,low migration
SiemtcoatTM SC 5532 30 16000 Paper 10-25 Three components,medium release force, low migration
SiemtcoatTM SC 5560 30 5000 PE Film 5-15 Three components,low temperature curing,stable release force
SiemtcoatTM SC 5570 30 10000 PET Film 5-20 Three components,low migration,stable release force
Thermal Cure, Solventless  
SiemtcoatTM SF 100 100 220 Paper 5-20 Three components,fast curing,medium to high speed coating
SiemtcoatTM SF 180MR 100 200 Paper 10-20 Three components,flatter release profile,low misting with high speed
SiemtcoatTM SF 300 100 350 Paper 5-20 Three components,general purpose,stable release force
SiemtcoatTM SF 210 100 350 Paper 3-5 Three components,premium release force,fast curing
SiemtcoatTM SF 5588 100 8000 Paper 5-20 Three components,can be diluted by solvent,low penetration
Thermal Cure, Emulsion
SiemtcoatTM EM 5502 40 150 Paper/Film 5-20 Two components,suitable for paper and PET
SiemtcoatTM EM 5509 40 150 Paper/Film 5-20 Emulsion release coating catalyst

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