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Silicone Surfactants For Rigid Foam

Products Mode: XH-1193

Recommend to formulate into FR foam and also recommend to footware system.

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Product Description:
XH-1193 is the industry standard silicone surfactant for most conventional rigid polyurethane foam and shoe sole systems. It provides excellent flame retardant properties in rigid foam applications and excellent cell structure in shoe sole applications.

Physical data:
Appearance:clear-straw liquid
Active content:100%
Viscosity at 25℃:200-500 CS
Specific Gravity@25°C(g/cm3):1.07-1.09
Cloud point(1%): ≥88℃

  • Shoe sole applications
  • Very good polyol solubility in rigid foams
  • Compressive strength and good fire properties improvement in discontinuous panels productions, appliances,water heaters
Levels of Use (additive as supplied):
  • The typical product usage level is 2.0 parts (php) in rigid foam applications, but may vary depending on thedesired effect to be achieved.
  • In elastomeric foam applications, the typical product usage range is between 0.3 and 0.5 php.

Package and storage stability:
Available in 200kg drums.
24 months in closed containers.

Product Safety:
When considering the use of any Top Win products in a particular application, review our latest Safety Data Sheets and ensure that the use intended can be accomplished safely. For Safety Data Sheets and other product safety information, contact the Top Win sales office nearest you. Before handling any of the products mentioned in the text, please obtain available product safety information and take necessary steps to ensure safety of use.