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WynCoat® SL-4748 is a special modified organosilicon copolymer for aqueous coating systems to improve the easy-to-clean effect. Hydroxy-functional. Permanent effect after cross-linking.

Physical Data:
appearance: haze liquid
Molecular weight: 7000-9000
viscosity(25 ºC,CS): 300-500
Active content(%): 100%

Due to its high surface activity, the additive accumulates on the surface of the coating where, on account of its OH reactivity, it can be integrated in the polymer network by reacting with suitable binders. If the additive is fixed to the coating surface via its reactive groups, the properties, which are caused by the use of the additive, are maintained for a long period of time.

In a multitude of coating systems, SL-4748 increases the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, which can significantly improve the water- and oil-repelling behavior. Moreover, it brings about a reduced dirt adhesion with a simultaneously increased easy-to-clean effect. The additive increases substrate wetting, leveling, surface slip, water resistance (blush resistance), anti-blocking properties and weather resistance. Therefore, we recommend that SL-4748 is initially evaluated in the formulation without using other surface additives. If additional leveling is required, leveling additives can be added in a second step. SL-4748 can also be used to improve anti-graffiti and tape release properties and organosilicon properties.

Recommended Use:
SL-4748 is hydroxyl-functional and is recommended for use in aqueous top coats. The following binder systems are particularly suitable for anchoring the additive in the binder matrix: 2-pack polyurethane, alkyd/melamine, polyester/melamine, acrylate/melamine and acrylate/epoxy combinations. 

Recommended Levels:
2-6 % additive (as supplied) based on the total formulation.
The above recommended levels can be used for orientation. Optimal levels are determined through a series of laboratory tests.

Incorporation and Processing Instructions:
The additive should be added towards the end of the production process and incorporated in the coating at a sufficient shear rate.

Package and storage stability:
Available in 25 kg pail and 200 kg drums.
24 months in closed containers

This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses.

Product Safety:
Product safety information required for safe use is not included. Before handling, read product and safety data sheets and container labels foe safe use, physical and health hazard information.