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Jul 15, 2021
According to the processing conditions, silicone oil can be divided into primary products and secondary products. The former refers to the silicone oil products before processing, including hydroxyl silicone oil, silicon functional silicone oil, carbon functional silicone oil and non active modified silicone oil. Among these four types, the first two are traditionally called linear silicone oil, and the latter two are called modified silicone oil.

The two silicone oil products refer to silicone oil as raw materials, thickeners, surfactants, solvents and additives, etc., which are processed by special processes, such as grease, emulsion and solution, such as silicone grease, silicon paste, defoamer, release agent and isolating agent.

Silicone oil can be used as softener, lubricant, waterproof agent and finishing agent in textile and garment industry. In order to meet the high-end demand of textiles, chemical product manufacturers are constantly developing silicone oil which can be used with various functional additives, such as waterproof agent, flame retardant, antistatic agent and color fixing agent. In addition, in order to improve fabric properties, there are silicone products that can be used in the same bath with dyeing, silicone oil for cotton with cool feeling, silicone products that can improve fabric handle, and silicone deepening agents that can give fabric excellent deepening effect, good storage stability, and do not affect color fastness and handle.

In addition to being used as additives in textiles to realize the functionalization of textiles, silicone products will also be applied to other fields of textiles, such as the coating of fabrics formed by the combination of silicone and polyurethane; Organic silicon and acrylic acid polymerize to form fabric printing; The combination of organosilicon and organofluorine forms a waterproof coating on the fabric surface.

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