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Jul 14, 2021
Agricultural silicone chemical name: ethoxylated modified polytrisiloxane
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Active ingredients: >100%
Surface tension: <21-24mN/m
Density: 1.01g/cm3
Viscosity: (25℃)20-50mPa.s
Cloud point: 38-45 degrees
Refractive index: 25°C 1.44-1.45
Volatility: 3.0
Storage and transportation: 5~30℃ sealed storage, high temperature and freezing should be avoided during transportation and storage, it is non-dangerous goods.
Packing: 100mlx40 bottles

Agricultural silicones help pesticides reduce the surface tension of plant leaves and enhance the ability of pesticides to wet and adhere to plant surfaces. Improve the adhesion and permeability of the liquid medicine; for some crops with thick waxy leaves, it can help pesticides to quickly exert their efficacy.


1. Quickly wet crops: The organic silicon solution can easily wet almost all kinds of leaf surfaces, so that the liquid can reach places that are difficult to wet (such as pests at the bottom of the leaf), and promote the rapid absorption of the liquid.

2. Significantly improve the efficacy: silicone additives have strong resistance to rain erosion and penetration, which can significantly increase the effective utilization of pesticides and increase the efficacy by 30-50% (reduce the amount used by 30-50%). It has low toxicity and is safe for the environment.

3. Increase the spraying area: The most prominent feature of Kepu Agricultural Silicone Additives is the super expansion ability, rapid expansion, and the expansion area is much larger than that of ordinary liquids (172 times the expansion area of ​​water), thus greatly increasing the contact of the chemical liquid Chance to kill the target.

4. Save water, labor and money: Adding Kepu silicone in the spraying process can reduce the use of pesticides and water per unit area, reduce labor, and reduce labor costs.

5. A powerful assistant in flight defense, Kepu silicone can be used as a flying defense aid, wetting and spreading agent;

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