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Aug 18, 2022

  1. Silicone Additives for Coating, Paint,Ink and leather Coating (Including Substrate Wetting Agent,Leveling Agent, Defoaming Agent, Anti graffiti Additive,resin modified Additive/ Resin Modification, Water repellent, Bubble Cell Regulator, Hand Feeling Agent, Silicone Defoamer)

Such as similar products of Tego 410, Tego 450, Tego 270, Tego 245, Tego 5100, BYK333, BYK 331, DC-57,DC-29, DC-51…

  1. Agricultural Silicone Surfactant (Including Spray Adjuvant, Spray Enhancer, Tank Mix Adjuvant, Superwetting Agent, Super Spreader Surfactant, PH-stable Penetrant, Oil Soluble Spreader, Silicone Surfactant, Hydrolysis Resistance Spreader, Silicone Antifoam, Drift Retardant Spreader)

Such as similar products of Silwet 408, Silwet 806, Silwet77, BREAKTHRU 240…

  1. Silicone Release Coating (Including 3 categories: Solvent Release Coating, Solvent-Free Release Coating, Emulsion Release Coating, are widely used in diversified applications including: label stock,  envelopes, diversified tapes, bakery paper and foodstuff package, commercial graphics and security signage, hygienic application such as diapers sanitary napkins, industry application for roof coverings, pipe and thermal insulation, medical application for electrodes, tear-open bags, surgical covers etc.)


  1. Silicone Stabilizer for PU Foam (Including Rigid Foam, Flexible Foam, High Resilience Foam, HR Mold Foam)

Such as similar products of L-540,L-580,L-595,L-618 SC-240, L-6900,l-5440, B-8002, B-8123,B-8110, L1500,L6100…

      5: Resin Modifier/ Resin Modification/ Reactive silicone additives

Reactive silicone additives are organic modified polydimethyl-siloxane terminated with carbinol. In a variety of polyurethane systems, hydroxylmethyl can be cross-linked with NCO, so that introduction of silicone into resin system can provide anti-graffiti and easy-cleaning properties.

Such as similar products of KF-6001, 6002, 6003, BY16-201…… More new products are under development.

We're looking forward to getting your any request to develop new silicone surfactants, silicone stabilizers, silicone auxiliaries, silicone release agents, silicone resins, silicone release coating, silicone defoamers and so on.

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