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Jul 14, 2021
In recent years, organically modified silicone oils have developed rapidly, and many organically modified silicone oils with special properties have emerged, such as alkyl modified silicone oils, polyether modified silicone oils, epoxy modified silicone oils, amino modified silicone oils, and so on.

The largest and most important product among modified silicone oils is polyether-modified silicone oil. The hydrophilic polyether segment of polyether-modified silicone oil gives it water-soluble, lyophobic and hydrophobic polydimethylsiloxane. The alkane segment gives it low surface tension. Polyether silicone oil is used as a leveling agent and emulsifier for polyurethane foam, a raw material for personal protection products, a leveling agent for coatings, and a water-soluble lubricant.

"Silicone oil" in shampoo:

The main functions of silicone oil are: reduce friction, protect hair, increase brightness, and enhance beauty. Specifically, the main component of hair is keratin. If you enlarge the hair strands, you can see that the surface of the hair is covered with uneven cuticles, like fish scales. Shampoo is to remove dust and excess oil from hair and scalp, but water and anionic surfactants used for decontamination will make the hair swell, moist, and soften, and at the same time, it will attach to the hair scales to play a role of lubrication and protection. The grease is also washed away. Silicone oil can adhere to the hair, fill the damaged parts of the hair, make the surface of the hair smoother, bring the effect of "repairing" the hair, and make the hair stronger and easier to comb, smooth and bright. In addition, the protective layer formed by the silicone oil can obviously keep the moisture content in the hair stable and play a hair care effect.

Regarding the rumors that silicone oil causes hair loss, silicone oil is a macromolecular substance that will not be absorbed by hair follicles and will close pores, causing itchy scalp and causing hair loss. However, there are not many silicone oils in shampoos, most of which are below 1%. Under the cleaning action of surfactants and a large amount of water rinse, there is basically no residue on the head and the possibility of clogging pores is extremely low. In fact, there are many reasons for hair loss, such as seborrheic alopecia caused by endocrine disorders, mental stress, and even postpartum physical hair loss. Blocked hair follicles are not the cause of hair loss, but it is because of silicone oil loss. Fair.

Treat silicone oil products wisely and do not believe in rumors. Silicone oil can fill the hair scales and reduce friction and damage to the hair. The benefits it brings are obvious, whether it is in use now or in the long term. On the contrary, the rumors of its harm to the scalp have not been convincing examples to prove it.

People with strong scalp oil secretion should wash their hair frequently, preferably once a day or two, and rinse hair carefully every time, otherwise it is easy to breed pathogenic microorganisms, leading to seborrheic dermatitis and even scalp infections.

The main function of shampoo is to clean. There is no need to pursue shampoos with various effects because of the gimmicks promoted by businesses. The most important thing about shampoo is to clean the oil secreted by the scalp and the dust that falls on it. You should not rely too much on shampoo to treat dandruff, hair loss and other problems. If you suffer from these problems for a long time, you can seek medical help.

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