Jul 14, 2021
Silicone resin has excellent thermal oxidation stability, weather resistance, electrical insulation, water repellency and corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in high and low temperature resistant insulating paints, special coatings, adhesives, film plastics, etc. However, at present, silicone resin resistant high and low temperature insulating paints, silicone waterproof coatings and special coatings mainly use aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and other organic solvents as solvents, which will generate a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds), which is extremely harmful to the environment and human Therefore, water-based silicone resin is the current research hotspot and development trend.

Water-based silicone resin is a silicone resin emulsion that uses water as a dispersion medium to make silicone resin water-based. At present, it is widely used in silicone-modified coatings, such as silicon-modified acrylic emulsion, silicon-modified polyurethane emulsion, and silicon-modified polyester. For emulsions, etc., the introduction of silicone into traditional polymer emulsions can enhance its aging resistance, waterproofing, high and low temperature resistance, and hardening properties. Through the introduction of organosilicon segments into the molecular structure of high molecular polymers during the emulsion polymerization process, the commonly used organosilicon precursors are silane coupling agents, such as silane coupling agents 171, 560, 570, etc., these silane coupling agents The linking agents are all trifunctional alkoxy structures. In the aqueous system, the alkoxy groups are hydrolyzed into hydroxyl groups, and the hydroxyl groups are further dehydrated and condensed to form a cross-linked structure. When the degree of cross-linking is too large, it will affect the stability of the emulsion and cause gel Therefore, the amount of silane coupling agent is limited. Generally, the amount is 1~10%. If the amount is too small, the modification effect is not obvious. If the amount is too large, it will affect the stability of the emulsion. The amount is limited. The effect of silicon modification is limited, even insignificant.

Moreover, the silane coupling agent undergoes a hydrolysis reaction in the water phase, and by-produces low molecular alcohols such as methanol and ethanol, which are flammable and toxic components. For water-based coatings, it is VOC, and VOC is strictly controlled by water-based coatings. Therefore, water-based coatings modified by silane coupling agents cannot fundamentally solve the problems of low VOC and zero VOC, which will eventually restrict the application.

The industrialization of solvent-free pure silicone resin emulsion has just solved the above problems. Solvent-free pure silicone resin is a solid silicone resin that pre-hydrolyzes and condenses the silane coupling agent into a solid silicone resin. The solid silicone resin does not contain alkoxy groups, which avoids the use of After the release of alcohols, a special emulsification process is used to uniformly disperse the solid silicone resin in water to form a stable emulsion. Solvent-free pure silicone resin not only avoids the introduction of solvents but also avoids the release of by-product solvents, and is fundamentally green and environmentally friendly, with zero VOC.

In terms of application, the solvent-free pure silicone resin emulsion can be compatible with acrylic emulsion, polyurethane emulsion, polyester emulsion, alkyd resin emulsion, fluorocarbon emulsion, wax emulsion and other emulsions in any proportion. No special production process is required, as long as the dispersion is uniform. Ready to use, will not cause gel or demulsification. The unlimited introduction of organic silicon components can maximize the performance of organic silicon. Both silicon modified coatings and modified silicon coatings can be formulated to fully take into account the performance of both .

Solvent-free pure silicone resin emulsion can also be used directly as a varnish. It can be used directly in occasions that require high transparency, such as wood paint. It does not cover the surface morphology and texture of the substrate or even affects the gloss. At the same time, it has better performance than the existing acrylic Emulsion and polyurethane emulsion have higher hardness, water resistance and stain resistance. They have been successfully applied to waterproof protection of concrete, stone, rock wool, clay, wood, paper, cultural relics, and metals, as well as water-in-water (sand), real stone paint, etc. The exterior wall is overlaid.

Solvent-free pure silicone resin emulsion retains the performance of solvent-based silicone resin, and can also be formulated with special functional coatings, such as silicone heat-resistant coatings, silicone weather-resistant coatings, silicone insulating coatings, silicone elastic coatings, and silicone waterproof coatings As the requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, water-based special functional coatings undoubtedly have a broader development space.

Solvent-free pure silicone resin emulsion can be cured at room temperature, or cured by heating. It can be made into a two-component system or a one-component system. It can be used directly or compounded. Healthy, environmentally friendly, green and efficient.

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