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Mar 10, 2023
Polyurethane foam silicone stabilizer / Silicone surfactant/ Silicone polyether

WynPUF® silicone surfactants are widely used in PU flexible foam, rigid foam, HR slabstock foam, OCF, PU shoe sole, etc. Our R&D center owns various advanced equipments, such as K-factor tester, universal mechanical tester, density meter, foaming mould, SEM, airflow porosity tester, etc. With the support of complete silicone industry chain from Wynca group and sophisticated industrial players, Topwin can provide professional, customized technical service and solutions.

Silicone stabilizer / Silicone surfactant/ Silicone polyether is a chemical substance used in the manufacture of polyurethane foam. The foam formulation is mainly made of a mixture of various chemical raw materials, including polyether, isocyanate, Ammonia, water, etc. When these raw materials are mixed together, a chemical reaction is caused to generate a large number of air bubbles, which expands the material into a foamed plastic with a porous structure. Polyurethane foam has many excellent properties, such as good waterproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant and other properties. Therefore, it is widely used in construction, transportation, electronic equipment, furniture, shoe materials and other fields. Polyurethane foam silicone stabilizer is one of the necessary raw materials for the manufacture of polyurethane foam, and is the key to supporting the development of the foam industry.

Silicone surfactants are often used in the production of rigid foam made from polyurethane (PU). The surfactant helps to stabilize the foam and control its cell structure by reducing surface tension and allowing for the creation of small, uniform cells. This, in turn, leads to improved mechanical properties, such as greater strength and durability, as well as better insulation properties. The silicone surfactant is typically added at low concentrations to the polyol component of the rigid foam formulation prior to mixing with the isocyanate component. The resulting foam is widely used in applications such as appliances insulation, insulation panels, spraying foam, wood imitation, and one component foam (OCF).

Silicone surfactants can also be used in the production of flexible foam made from polyurethane. The surfactant helps to regulate the size and distribution of open cells, allowing for a more controlled and uniform foam structure. This, in turn, provides improved cushioning and comfort properties, as well as enhancing the foam's breathability and moisture management capabilities. The silicone surfactant is typically incorporated into the polyol component prior to mixing with the isocyanate component, and the resulting foam is used in a range of applications such as pillow, mattress, and automotive interiors.

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