Jul 14, 2021
Silicone surfactant is a large amount of surfactant in the daily chemical industry. It can be used in various cosmetics. It is used as an emulsifier in flavors and shampoos. It has emulsifying, foaming, dispersing and solubilizing properties. Function, can make shampoo foam rich, fine and stable, and have antistatic effect. Silicone surfactants have no side effects on the human body. They can form a protective film of the fat layer on the skin surface to prevent dry skin. It is an excellent skin lubricant and moisturizer. It is especially suitable for preparing emulsifiers and emulsion stabilizers for facial and eye cosmetics. . At present, polyether silicone is widely used. Polyether silicone oil has the characteristics of water solubility, emulsification, surface activity, and physiological inertness. It can be formulated into personal protective equipment to be colorless, odorless, non-irritating to the human body, and does not affect the normal breathing of the skin. Sweating skin care products, it can also reduce the surface tension of cosmetics, which is conducive to spreading on the skin and hair, has moisturizing and retention properties, imparts luster to the hair, antistatic, and has good bacteria inhibition. It is an excellent cosmetic aid It has become a fast-developing product that is worthy of attention.

The surface activity of the modified polysiloxane in the water phase or the oil phase depends on the type and quantity of the modified group. Oil-soluble polysiloxane can improve the diffusion ability of oil and paraffin, and can be directly applied to the formulation of cosmetics and skin care products; the modified hydrophilic polysiloxane can be mainly used in the formulation of shampoo and foam solution. In addition to the aforementioned silicone surfactants, long-chain alkyl modified polysiloxanes, polysiloxane sulfonates, polysiloxane thiosulfates, and aminosiloxanes have also been used in cosmetics. The role of polysiloxane surfactants in daily cosmetics has become more and more prominent, and has become a fast-developing product worthy of attention. Cationic, anionic or non-ionic silicone emulsions can be used to produce cosmetics.

Easy to emulsify
Not greasy
Good anti-stick properties
With gloss and softness
Used as a water-repellent additive, and a viscous preparation to reduce viscosity and organic ingredients, such as:
-Lotions and creams;
-Lotions and sprays;
-Shaving lotion
Used as hair spray, hair care and hair gloss agent.

Easily soluble in 95% ethanol. It can also be dissolved in 95% ethanol at temperatures as low as 4°C (up to 50% by weight).

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