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Feb 29, 2024
Applications of Silicone Release Coating 

Silicone release liner is a type of liner that has been coated with silicone, allowing it to release adhesive materials and other substances easily. It is commonly used in various industries such as manufacturing, packaging, and labeling, where it serves as a protective barrier and facilitates the handling and application of adhesive materials. Silicone release paper is known for its non-stick properties and its ability to provide a smooth and consistent release of adhesives, making it an essential component in the production and processing of various products.

Silicone release coating is the main component, applied to surfaces to provide a release effect. It is commonly used in the manufacture of adhesive tapes, labels, and other products where a non-stick surface is required. The silicone release coating allows the adhesive material to be easily released from the coated surface without sticking or leaving residue. It is valued for its smooth and non-stick properties, making it essential for many industrial and commercial applications.

Silicone release coatings come in various types to suit different applications. Some common types of silicone release coatings include solvent-based, solventless, emulsion-based, and thermally-cured coatings. Each type offers specific properties such as release force, chemical resistance, and heat resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. The choice of silicone release coating type depends on factors such as the substrate material, manufacturing process, and performance requirements.

Topwin can provide different types of silicone release coating, including solvent-based, solventless, emulsion-based, and thermally-cured is under development. Topwin's products are widely used in diversified applications including label stock,  envelopes, diversified tapes, bakery paper and foodstuff packages, commercial graphics and security signage, hygienic applications such as diapers sanitary napkins, industry applications for roof coverings, pipe, and thermal insulation, medical application for electrodes, tear-open bags, surgical covers, etc. Our products are enjoying a good reputation in domestic and overseas markets.

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